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Storage Prices & Sizes

Unit Size & Price

5 X 10    $55.00/month (Refundable deposit: $40)
10 X 10   $80.00/month (Refundable deposit: $40)
10 X 15   $110.00/month (Refundable deposit: $60)
10 X 20   $125.00/month (Refundable deposit: $60)
10 X 30   $175.00/month (Refundable deposit: $60)
Outdoor Parking spaces $50.00/month


  1. New Tenant Special: Pay for your first 2 months in advance, get your third month for just $1!
  2. Long Term Special: Pay for 11 months and your 12th month is free!

Recommendation on unit sizes:

What size storage unit do you need?

  • A 5 X 10 foot storage unit is comparable in size to a walk-in closet. This would be a good size for a sofa, chair, dresser, and mattress to miscellaneous boxes and small items.
  • A 10 X 10 foot storage unit compares to a large walk-in closet, or half of a one-car garage. It will generally hold the furnishings of a one-bedroom apartment, approximately 600-900 SF of small furniture, boxes of smaller items, and possibly some appliances.
  • A 10 X 15 foot storage unit will house the furnishings of a approximately a two-bedroom sized apartment or a small house. This unit will generally hold all furnishings and personal effects, with or without major appliances.
  • A 10 X 20 foot storage unit is comparable to a smaller one car garage. This space will allow storage for a 2-3 bedroom house, medium sized apartment or town home including appliances. Without appliances or furnishings, it could store a car or truck.
  • A 10 X 30 unit will store the contents of a 40 foot moving van, which could include furniture from a three or four-bedroom home, along with appliances.  Without appliance or furnishings, it could store a car, truck or boat. This space could also store construction materials or equipment.

The door on each size unit is: 8 ft 6 in wide x 6 ft 8 in high.

We also have outside non covered parking spots available for $50.00/month.  This would be ideal for a car, RV or trailer.